The Five Central Benefits to Utilizing Re-sellers in Your Business

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Designing, maintaining patents, and manufacturing goods is difficult enough, not to mention time-consuming and costly. Many business owners don’t have time for all the functions of their business but have no choice to pick what they do or the business may risk failure. Distributing and selling a merchant terminal is greatly aided by the use of resellers. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using resellers for merchant terminal services.

Select resellers with care and diligence

In today’s world, it’s difficult to know what people, businesses, and situations are worthy of trust. Being mindful of opportunities of fraud or poor representation should be considered at all stages of contracting merchant terminal services to third parties.

Expand business further than ever before

Every company can have a sales staff, making attempts to securing a top-notch sales team difficult. Because other companies specialize in sales, as compared to crafting a merchant terminal, getting help from resellers in tapping into the potential of their sales staffs is undoubtedly worth it.

Boost much-needed brand awareness

Resellers often work in groups, distributing products throughout cities, regions, and nations. A vast, connected network of sales agents will help boost brand awareness for your Alberta terminal services. Manufacturers experience less success and higher expenses than do organizations specializing in reselling goods.

Nudge your way into brand new vertical markets

Providers of Alberta terminal services usually get raw materials from a supplier. Terminal companies then sell or lease out their equipment to an external agent. There are three entities involved in this scenario, creating a three-deep vertical market, or chain of suppliers and users of their outputs.

Benefit from partners’ sales staffs

Piggybacking off resellers’ sales staffs results in not dealing with employment contracts and other problems associated with hiring, employing, and housing employees.

Our professional team at Merchant365 excels at signing contracts with resellers with custom agreements to fit needs all involved parties. Contact our experts today to secure quality reselling contracts ASAP.

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Convenience Stores and Cash: A Perfect Match

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Can you remember the last time someone came into your store and paid for their morning coffee with plastic? Recent consumer research shows that people would rather pay for small purchases with cash. Studies also show that people expect access to their money in convenience stores, so a new ATM in your shop will satisfy your customers.

A 2015 study by Cardtronics researched how consumers spend their money on different kinds of purchases. This survey discovered that 63% use cash when they visit their local convenience store. It also found that 77% of consumers prefer to use their dollar bills for purchases of less than $5. A similar study by came to the same conclusion in 2014, with 65% of shoppers preferring paper over plastic for small purchases.

It is likely that many potential customers expect to be able to withdraw their money from a machine in your store. In 2012, Nielsen completed a study for Cardtronics that researched money machine use by consumers. They found that people use ATMs in convenience stores more often than they use machines found in other types of retail outlets. The same survey shows that 75% of shoppers plan on withdrawing their money from a machine when they visit a convenience store.

An automatic teller machine will give your regular customers a convenient source of cash that they can spend inside your store. In order to connect your customers to their money, you will need to find someone to install and service an ATM. Merchant365 is a company that specializes in placing reliable machines in businesses across Western Canada. Our customer service lines are open 24 hours a day. Contact us today to find out how we can set your business up with an ATM.

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If You Think the Age of Cash is Over, Then Think Again

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There are approximately 6,300 banks today in Canada compared to approximately 19,000 ATMs. The way that people obtain cash has changed with financial institutions hustling to keep up with the demands of its consumers for more convenience.


Financial Institutions Closing Branches

Experts with Forbes suggest that the number of banks will shrink to less than 3,200 within the next decade. Even more banks are expected to close their smaller branches. Therefore, consumers are turning to ATMs to get cash. Globally, according to MasterCard, cash remains the most common method of payment.


Consumers Still Using Cash

In a 2016 survey, Mercator Advisory Group asked consumers to self-report rather they used cash more, less or about the same as they did one year ago. Over 64 percent of respondents said they had used cash about the same while 21 percent said their use of cash had increased. Only 15 percent reported that they used less cash in 2016 than in 2015.


Consumers Demand Convenient ATMs

According to Visa, the number one reason that consumers give in choosing their financial institution is convenient locations of ATMs where the customer already shops and lives. One of the challenges being faced by financial institutions is giving consumers the cash they demand. More institutions are joining large ATM networks like Allpoint allowing their consumers surcharge-free access to their money when using an ATM within the network.


Cash Use Highest Among Millennials

While many older people may still like the thought of going into a financial institution, according to a survey by Chase Bank, that is not the case with younger consumers. The survey found that over 80 percent of millennials preferred to use the ATM with most young adults use an ATM at least weekly to obtain the cash that they need.


Financial institutions will need to keep up with demand by consumers who love the self-sufficiency of running to the nearest ATM when they want money.


If you would like more information about renting an ATM machine in Edmonton or want to contact us to discuss ATM placement and merchant payment options, please contact us.

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The History of the ATM

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The ATM, acronym for automated teller machine, was sought out in the 1950’s. There was a strong desire for the simplification of banking. As a result, Japan, UK, Sweden and U.S. made collective efforts to pursue the developments of self-service banking. One of the first machines patented and approved for use was the Bankograph invented by George Simijian in 1963. It was released on a experimental basis in New York City for less than a year due to consumer rejection. Like most innovations, there would be more versions and replications to follow. Shortly thereafter, the United Kingdom launched a cash machine in North London. An event was organized where the local celebrity comedian, Reg Varney, utilized the machine to give it more exposure and encourage use.
The early ATMs used tokens or vouchers to grant access to machines as plastic cards were not yet being used. In 1969, the Speytec cash machine changed the game. Their machines used plastic cards with a single magnetic strip. British engineer, James Goodfellow later introduced the idea of the PIN for added security to be stored on the cards.
The first official network ATM was attributed to Donald Wentzel through the Chemical Bank and was known as the Docuteller.

Soon enough, not only was the ATM accessible at or near banks, they began to appear at shopping locations, gas stations, airports or just about anywhere a large amount of people populated. Most of these ATMs are either established by banks or independent sales organizations. ATMs not established by a bank is considered a ‘White Label ATM.”

The innovation of the ATM has come a long way since the 1950’s. We can expect more advancements in the near future. Some projected advancements include cardless ATM access and live teller conferencing.

If you would like more information about renting an ATM machine in Edmonton or want to contact us to discuss ATM placement and merchant payment options, please contact us. Get the conversation started! #yeg #supportlocal #edmonton #Alberta

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Why Consumers Prefer the ATM Over the Bank

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Many consumers are ditching the traditional bank and choosing to use the ATM instead. Here’s why:

ATMs are Open 24/7


ATMs are always open and operate round the clock. However, there is a set limit to the amount a customer can withdraw during the day or night.


ATMs are Free from Error


ATMs offer error free services, and customers can get the exact amount they want. Unlike bank’s staff members, ATMs don’t experience human errors.


ATMs are Convenient for Travellers


ATMs offer great help to travelers, and they don’t need to risk by carrying a lot of money with them. Travelers can withdraw their monies from any state or city across the country, or even from outside the country from an ATM.


 ATMs are Convenient to Local Customers

This is because they are strategically placed at convenient locations, such as railway stations and airports among others, and not only near banks. Consumers find it extremely resourceful to have access to cash onsite for uninterrupted shopping.
Privacy and Security

Consumers appreciate the ability to make transactions discreetly in any area. Also, ATMs have unmatched security measures so that account activity can be tracked and accounted for.
ATMs are convenient, and they help customers save the time and cost of transport by bringing the self-service banking. The best and most appreciated ATMs are located near places of work, near where they live, and they are also located in various locations such as supermarkets, shopping malls, universities, and petrol stations to create time-saving benefits.

If you would like more information about renting an ATM machine in Edmonton or want to contact us to discuss ATM placement and merchant payment options, please contact us. Get the conversation started! #yeg #supportlocal #edmonton #Alberta




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ATM Machines – Statistics All Throughout Canada

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Automated Teller Machines or Automated Banking Machines are a staple of Canadian life. ATM machines in recent years have become independent and are no longer the sole domain of large banking institutions. Merchant365 has been involved in this growth and we are very aware of the trends:

  • 18 per cent of Canadians say they do the majority of their financial transactions at ATM machines
  • There are over 65,000 atm machines in Canada and 18,711 of these are bank-owned ATM Machines
  • ATM machines have rapidly become one of the leading methods for people to access their cash while on the go

That leaves more than 40,000 independently owned and operated ATM machines in North America!

Merchant365 has dedicated ourselves to spreading atm machines to as many locations as possible with a strong presence in Alberta. Merchant 365 loves to support local business within the Alberta economy. The thinking behind this is to enable everyone to have convenient access to their bank funds. There are added benefits for business owners as well:

  1. Having an ATM / ABM machine in your place of business can draw customers in who might not have otherwise stopped by
  2. You can provide a simple and hassle free service allowing customers to access cash without having to have more of your own cash to do so
  3. You can earn a fee for each transaction done on the machine at your place of business
  4. Working with a local ATM placement provider keeps business within the local economy
  5. Create another avenue of payment to save yourself the cost of merchant processing fees

If you are interested send us an email to see what we can do for you! Merchant 365 currently serves/processes hundreds of locations within Alberta within a various range of businesses. Get the conversation started! #yeg #supportlocal #edmonton #Alberta

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