ATM Machines – Statistics All Throughout Canada

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Automated Teller Machines or Automated Banking Machines are a staple of Canadian life. ATM machines in recent years have become independent and are no longer the sole domain of large banking institutions. Merchant365 has been involved in this growth and we are very aware of the trends:

  • 18 per cent of Canadians say they do the majority of their financial transactions at ATM machines
  • There are over 65,000 atm machines in Canada and 18,711 of these are bank-owned ATM Machines
  • ATM machines have rapidly become one of the leading methods for people to access their cash while on the go

That leaves more than 40,000 independently owned and operated ATM machines in North America!

Merchant365 has dedicated ourselves to spreading atm machines to as many locations as possible with a strong presence in Alberta. Merchant 365 loves to support local business within the Alberta economy. The thinking behind this is to enable everyone to have convenient access to their bank funds. There are added benefits for business owners as well:

  1. Having an ATM / ABM machine in your place of business can draw customers in who might not have otherwise stopped by
  2. You can provide a simple and hassle free service allowing customers to access cash without having to have more of your own cash to do so
  3. You can earn a fee for each transaction done on the machine at your place of business
  4. Working with a local ATM placement provider keeps business within the local economy
  5. Create another avenue of payment to save yourself the cost of merchant processing fees

If you are interested send us an email to see what we can do for you! Merchant 365 currently serves/processes hundreds of locations within Alberta within a various range of businesses. Get the conversation started! #yeg #supportlocal #edmonton #Alberta

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